Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'The Chimneys'

'The Chimneys', the Bettie Fleischmann Holmes estate designed by Edgar Irving Williams c. 1929 in Sands Point.  Holmes was the widow of Dr. Christian R. Holmes and herself was a board member of the New York Philharmonic Symphony Society and the Metropolitan Opera.  Since 1954 the house has functioned as the Sands Point Community Synagogue.  Click HERE to see 'The Chimneys' on google earth and HERE on bing.  This aerial is part of SMU's Robert Yarnall Richie collection and was taken between 1932-1934.


Anonymous said...

referencing Bing maps the ill placed additions have destroyed the beauty of the original building and its setting

estateman said...


I will be touring this authentic house once again later this week with its
amazing ruined 1920s entertainment rooms in the basement. You enter this
rarely seen area from a door underneath the grand staircase that leads down to a foyer,
an art deco mirrored ladys powderoom, art deco tiled mens rest rm, An American Indian
"nightclub" room with totem poles a large Bar, and all ceilings about
18 ft high. This opens on to a paneled bowling alley and an
ajoining shooting gallery with a moving target mechnical wall
with ducks, ect. The most facinating of all the entertainment rooms
is the muraled indoor swimming pool with art deco dressing rooms. The pool itself
has to be about 40 feet long x 20 feet. the inderect lighting gave an
unusual brightness to the surrounding sitting area with murals of
barrel cacti and other desert souroundings. At the far end of the room
is an amazing sculptured fountain about 20 ft wide x 16 ft tall
of pottery Alaskan totem poles whose strange figures once
spat water from their mouths. If this wasnt enough there is a
two-story squash court connected by an circular spiral stairway.
I believe some of this level extends under the cobblestoned
entrance forecourt. Saw it many years ago and am looking foreword
to seeing it again. This house was one of the first to have a basement level
entertainment area and grounds lit up at night. estateman. 215 870 5024