Monday, February 25, 2013

The J.E.S. Hadden Estate

'Dogwood', the Mrs. J.E. Smith Hadden estate (nee Emily Georgina Hamilton) designed by Peabody, Wilson & Brown c. 1918 in Jericho.  J.E. Smith Hadden was a silk importer and died four years before the construction of 'Dogwood'.  It is unknown if the residence is extant.

Photos from Architectural Forum, 1919.


The Down East Dilettante said...

It seems to be 'English Arts & Crafts Picturesque Monday' at Zach Enterprises,with this and the Wilson Eyre house on BtGA.

The two story bow on this house was a favorite design device of Mellor Meigs & Howe. Wonder who thought of it first?

Kellsboro Jack said...

TDED beat me to it with the styling cues that appear to be from the MM&H playbook. A charming home for Hadden family.

It looks like a manageable home that offered a great deal of architectural character and was neatly tucked in the woods. For those reasons alone it must have been razed ;>

From the New York NY Sun 1915:

"Buying in Wheatley Hills"

B.A. Warner Baltau has sold to Mrs. J.E. Smith Hadden property in the Bunja Field Woods at Westbury on the north side of the Jericho turnpike for the Jere Johnson Jr Realty Company, together with a small part of an adjoining farm belonging to the W.G. Park estate.

La Petite Gallery said...

It's been a while, Missed your posts. This is a lovely home.
I had an old house built 1920 on palm Island, Miami Beach, it just sold for 2 milliom. Never dreamed it would ever sell for that.
Wish I had stayed there. Who knew.


Anonymous said...

Fairly certain this house was between Middletown Burrill (Meadowbrook Club)/F.P Garvan (interesting how many separate parcels Garvan owned) and Kramer's Pickett Farm. See attached map. My guess is the 1915 piece referred to above was a different, earlier property.