Monday, April 1, 2013


'Elyria', the Dr. Albert Heman Ely residence designed by Grosvenor Atterbury c. 1900 in Southampton.  Ely, a surgeon, practiced at St. Luke's Hospital in New York City and was a co-founder of the Southampton Hospital.  The house was named for Elyria, Ohio, the town where Ely was born and which carried his namesake.  Ely's son Albert H. Jr. married Constance Jennings, daughter of Walter Jennings of 'Burrwood' in Cold Spring Harbor.  Click HERE to see 'Elyria' on google earth and HERE on bing.

Photos from American Architect & Architecture, 1907.


The Ancient said...

All those trees in front of the house are wrong, and I miss the stained shingles.

Was this house gutted in 1994?

The Down East Dilettante said...

One of the biggest, and most common, landscaping mistakes is planting trees too close to the house. Another is foundation planting---usually unnecessary, and with the badly chosen plants that are then allowed to grow out of scale. I speak to this generally as much as to Ancient's comment. Without seeing the planting on the ground here, I can have no more opinion. Tempting though it is.

The Ancient said...

If you look at the Bing shots of the front, the damage done to Atterbury's horizontal lines is pretty clear.

(Or to rephrase that in Hamptonese, Why let a $15 million house be spoiled by a couple thousand dollars worth of trees?)

Kellsboro Jack said...

Curiously I ask - what is the larger concrete pad without any markings along side the property boarder?

It isn't a tennis court or pool as both exist in the yard by the guest quarters. Was it formerly the base flooring of a greenhouse?

ChipSF said...

KJ -
I was wondering the same, but I think that is a winter view of the tennis court. It's a clay court & the pool is tucked next to the house.

The adjacent yard is not necessarily guest quarters, but looks like a separate establishment with a har-tru tennis court and pool with poolhouse.