Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Alfred Coster Schermerhorn Residence

The Alfred Coster Schermerhorn residence designed by Leroy P. Ward c. 1929 in Matinecock.  Schermerhorn was a stock broker and senior partner in the firm of Fahnestock & Co.  He divorced his wife, Ruth Fahnestock, in 1937 and she remarried the same day of the divorce.  In 1945 he was appointed the Washington representative of Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.  Click HERE to see the A.C. Schermerhorn residence on bing.  Postcard from the Gary Lawrance Collection.


The Down East Dilettante said...

A bit cold of the wife, getting remarried the same day, no?

Nice staid handsome house. Very properly banker-ish.

The Ancient said...

From the Palm Beach Daily News, January 6, 1938:

The wedding calendar these days is like any day in June. There were of great interest to society yesterday. Alfred Coster Schermerhorn followed the example of his recently-divorced first wife, the former Ruth Fahnestock, now Mrs Alfred Fouquereaux de Marigny, by going back into double harness with the beautiful Mrs. Julia Kirkland. The ceremony took place at noon yesterday at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church.

The rites were extremely simply. [sic] There were no attendants and only the members of the two families and a few of their very close friends were invited to the church or the wedding breakfast at the Hotel Marguery.

Coster's first wife had the jump-on him in the business of remarrying. On the day she she received her Reno divorce from him, Ruth married the wealthy Frenchman from the island of Martinique.

Coster's bride, the former Julia Buck, was once the wife of Jack (tobacco Road) Kirland. She is a daughter of the late Reginald Buck and of Mrs. Joseph Hustler.

Coster is a son of Mrs. Alfred E. Schermerhorn and the late Mr. Schermerhorn.

Kellsboro Jack said...

That's quite the name:

"Mrs Alfred Fouquereaux de Marigny"

Regarding Alfred, see:

Looks like the Mrs. was dropped by him in a few years time as Alfred then married wife #3 (Nancy Oakes) in 1942; then divorced in 1949; remarried a 4th time in 1952.

Wife #3 was just 18 when married (she being the daughter of Sir Harry Oakes) and he'd be charged with the murder of her father. Acquitted the playboy moved on.

While people are often caught-up in the exploits of today's celebutants it seems like a lot of what went on back in the day would put today's cavorting to shame.

Glen said...

Great execution of the style without being overly imposing. I think there should be a well detailed cupola on the garage wing roof where there used to be a large chimney protruding. The current owners should get right on that.