Monday, May 20, 2013

The Louis J. Horowitz Estate

The Louis Jay Horowitz estate designed by Hunt & Hunt c. 1918 in Lattingtown.  Horowitz was the president of the construction firm Thompson Starrett Co.  That construction company built such NYC projects as the Woolworth Building, the New York Herald Tribune Building and the Equitable Building among others.  The residence was demolished in 1954 but sat on Skunks Misery Road.  Click HERE for more on the Horowitz estate.  Postcard courtesy of the Gary Lawrance Collection.


Kellsboro Jack said...

Zach, off topic but in case anyone missed it, jaws should be dropping to the floor in regards to a c.1904 property just across Long Island Sound asking the highest price for any residence in the US:

Indian Field Road Estate, Greenwich, $190 Million for the 50-acre property (including a couple of private islands):

I suppose such crazy valuations it makes one wonder what Salutations, include all the island's cottages and buildings, could go for ;>

The Down East Dilettante said...

The current vertiginous trend in high end real estate leaves one with a serious case of the bends. Even as the market overall continues to be flat, prices at the top are doubling and tripling in short periods of time. The explanation is easy---more billionaires than ever, but a fixed amount of prime land. And there you have it. A complete re-arrangement of who can afford what.

Of course, the other mystery for me is how some of these new plutocrats and autocrats can want such awful stuff as they are building and buying. (Delano and who?)