Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Beacon Towers' Aerial

An aerial of 'Beacon Towers', the Alva Vanderbilt Belmont estate designed by Hunt & Hunt c. 1917 in Sands Point.  Click HERE for more on 'Beacon Towers' (be sure to scroll past today's post).  Photo from The Vanderbilt Cup Races.


Kellsboro Jack said...

Zach, that photo is gold with its positioning. It really is a sand castle if there ever was one.

With it so close to the water one does has to wonder if it could've withstood the forces of nature with erosion on beach, water swells, the assorted hurricane and like weather systems over the near-century of time.

Unknown said...

Always found this house odd, a bit of an amusement park, perfect for the likes of Mrs. Vanderbilt & Mr. Hearst. Always found Marble House in Newport distasteful, (all those different styles clashing, but do love the entry hall), and San Simeon an ego maniacs dream.

The Ancient said...


Anonymous said...

Another stunning aerial photo Zack. Quite the fantasy and sand castle sums it up perfectly. magnificent, whimsical and over the top. Sadly only to be viewed in old photos. Archibuff