Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'Allen Winden Farm'

'Allen Winden Farm', the William Dick estate designed by Lamb & Rich c. 1888 in Islip with alterations by Howard Major in 1915 and Adolph M. Dick between 1931-1935.  The home is pictured here under the ownership of Dick's son John Henry Dick.  J. Henry Dick was vice president of the Manufacturers National Bank where his father was president.  J. Henry's son William K. Dick, who would himself inherit 'Allen Winden Farm', married Madeline Force Astor, widow of J.J. Astor IV, in 1916 (which ended in divorce in 1933).  'Allen Winden Farm' was demolished in the 1960s.


Anonymous said...

I love these old south shore estates. Many of them seemed so manageable, it seems a shame most all of them were lost.

Magnuspetrie said...

I second Anon 9:13. This house is charm itself.

Poor Madeline Force Astor. I don't know if she was interesting enough to warrant a book, but her life certainly seems to have been a cautionary tale of the ill effects of too much of everything- including self indulgence.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Ah yes. Mrs. Dick. She married Mr. Dick in Bar Harbor. That story here: http://www.portlandmonthly.com/pdf/LaSelva.pdf

Zach L. said...

The marriage to Madeline Force Astor produced a son with one of the most unusual names I have ever seen...

William Force Dick.

Anonymous said...

What would this style of house be called, "Queen Anne"?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I read about
the debutante party that Direxa
Dick William and Ginni Conner Dick's
daughter had in New York.
It was mentioned in a vintage
Town and Country Magazine
from 1962 or 1963. Back in those
days that was the thing to do.

WD said...

Where did you come across this post card?