Monday, June 2, 2014

'Goose Point'

 'Goose Point', the Irving Brokaw estate designed by Harrie T. Lindeberg c. 1914 in Mill Neck.  Click HERE for more on Brokaw's subsequent residence 'Frost Mill Lodge' next door.  'Goose Point' is currently for sale for $7,950,000 (down from $10,000,000), click HERE to see the listing via Daniel Gale Sotheby's.  Click HERE to see the residence on bing.

Listing photos from MLSLI.


Kellsboro Jack said...

So easily identifiable as a work of Lindeberg with the roof and the brickwork. The size looks to be relatively modest all things considered.

Kellsboro Jack said...

Maybe my vision is going or the picture is distorted but is the wall of the living room - where there is the fireplace - curved in toward the room?

The James Edition listing has better photos than the Daniel Gale listing agent ones:

Anonymous said...

I love this mansion, but I find it very odd this was built right on Frost Mill Road and set back a bit like most mansions are. I see a huge lack of privacy and noise control.

Anonymous said...

For years I thought this was a child's manse close to the larger family mansion up the hill. The property is the largest level site adjacent to the pond and while wedged up against the hillside, it obtains a wonderful water view, a major factor one presumes in the location being so close to Frost Mill Road which is not a busy road. Very attractive

Doug Floor Plan said...

Kellsboro, my eye went right to that fireplace wall also. Based on the clarity of the other photos I conclude that wall is curved inward, which I like. It ties to the random curves on the exterior.

I wonder where the spa area is -- the Spanish tile matches the kitchen but not the indoor pool.