Monday, December 1, 2014

'Meadow Hall'

'Meadow Hall', the William Ayrault Hazard estate built c. 1910 in Cedarhurst.  Hazard was president of the Sterling Salt Company, the Michigan Salt Works and the Halite & Northern Railroad.  His 1922 NYTimes obituary states he was often referred to as "the greatest authority on polo in this country."  He was involved with the American Polo Association since it was founded in 1890 and served as Secretary-Treasurer and later Chairman.  Hazard also served as the president of the Rockaway Hunt Club and was a member of the Meadowbrook, Piping Rock, University, Racquet & Tennis, Turf & Field and New York Yacht clubs.  'Meadow Hall' was demolished c. 1950.


Doug Floor Plan said...

Nice house; but the ivy should be reigned in.

Two questions:
1) What are the pipes coming out of the roof? In a more modern house that would be ventilation for the plumbing.
2) What is that thing in the foreground? It looks like a fire hydrant.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving & are reading this while on your elliptical glider.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Douglas. They'd be toilet vent pipes in that era too---although they do seem oddly placed, and yes, it's a fire hydrant. Free associating, somewhere I have photos of the vast ruins of a famous Bar Harbor estate, 'Thirlstane', which burned in the '47 fire. Poignantly, a couple of the photos include photos of a fire hydrant just steps from the front door, for all the good it did.

Anonymous said...

Totally engulfed and swallowed by untamed vines not a good look IMO