Monday, December 15, 2014

'The Dunes'

'The Dunes', the Frank Bestow Wiborg estate designed by Grosveor Atterbury c. 1895 in East Hampton.  Wiborg was a cofounder of the Ault & Wiborg Company, ink manufactures.  Click HERE for more on the property which sat in the area of current day Wiborg Beach.  'The Dunes' was demolished in 1941.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Of course, the real significance here is that Frank Wiborg's daughter Sara married Mark Cross heir Gerald Murphy, went to live in the South of France, and became great friends of Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald.

The Ancient said...

I should point out that Sara was also a Sherman and a Hoyt, and thus a cousin to Rosina Sherman Hoyt, who completed the construction of Red Maples after the untimely death of her brother Alfred. (Rosina's father, Alfred Miller Hoyt, was one of the original proprietors of the The Montauk Association.)