Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Questover Lodge'

'Questover Lodge', the Frederick C. Truslow estate built sometime in the 1890s in Great River.  Truslow was general manager of Williamsburg Cork Works and son of James L. Truslow, cork importer.  'Questover Lodge' is no longer extant.


Doug Floor Plan said...

To the right you can see a shady patio looking out over a body of water -- must have been very nice. Even so, I'm betting the interiors were dark.

The Down East Dilettante said...

The great decorator Mark Hampton once said something, when someone wanted to paint a dark room white, 'if you need to brighten a room, turn on a lamp'. These Tudorbethan houses probably required lots of lamps... (Although even as I say this, I remember being surprised at how bright the old paneled interiors were at Doris Duke's 'Rough Point') On the other hand, a friend tore down her (inherited) Tudor house because daylight neither penetrated nor reflected within.

Anonymous said...

What an inviting home. And it looks manageable. Such a shame that most all of these south shore estates are barely a memory now.