Monday, February 2, 2015

'Hill House'

'Hill House', the Anton Gysberti Hodenpyl estate built c. 1900 in Mill Neck with landscaping by Ossian C. Simmonds.  Hodenpyl was a partner in the brokerage firm of King, Hodenpyl & Co. and Hodenpyl, Hardy & Co.  He was also president of the Commonwealth Power, Railway & Light Co., Michigan Light Co., Union Railway, Gas & Electric Co., and numerous other power and rail companies in the midwest.  Hodenpyl died in 1933 and his wife in 1935.  In 1938 the estate was sold to a William Simpson and 'Hill House' was demolished c. 1940.


Doug Floor Plan said...

So this house lasted all of 40 years & not much after the builders passed. Any knowledge of what William Simpson put in its place?

Anonymous said...

North side of Duck Pond Rd in Matinecock

Susie Reynolds said...

My Mother-In-Law was raised and married at Hill House. She was the neice of the Hodenpyls, having moved there after the death of her parents.
I have lots of photographs of Hill House. My husband visited there in 1935 at the death of Annie Hodenpyl (His Great Aunt).

Anonymous said...

My grandfather worked on the Hodenpyl place until it was sold. He would then work on the William Tully place until he retired. I believe at least a portion of the Hodenpyl estate would become the Jean Cattier estate.

Tom Bell