Monday, March 30, 2015


'Andelmans', the Joseph Fahys estate designed by Montrose Morris c. 1889 in North Haven.  Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Andelmans'.


Anonymous said...

I love these old Victorian homes....(would this be considered "Victorian?). Thought there would be more...but guess by the turn of the century they became out of fashion and were replaced with newer homes.

Doug Floor Plan said...

I think this house is Victorian because of when it was built; but the style is more Queen Anne or Eastlake -- I'm open to correction. Few of these houses were purely one style -- the Victorians liked to mix it up.

Many of these houses were replaced because they were a combination of:
1) out of fashion,
2) out of date technologically (i.e. plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling),
3) expensive to maintain (e.g.all that exterior wood, frequently painted different colors) &
4) built with the assumption there would always be an ample supply of live-in servants.

building something new could easily look like a very attractive option.