Monday, March 16, 2015

The Alexander C. Humphreys Estate

The Alexander C. Humphreys estate designed by C.P.H. Gilbert c. 1899 in Glen Cove pictured from what was then a golf course on the property.  Click HERE for more on the Humphreys estate.


Magnuspetrie said...

Wonderful photo Zach.

When we first moved to the 'hood, (mid 1960's) this golf course was still relatively intact, if rather haphazardly maintained by the then owner, the Grace Downs Charm School. Under the stewardship of its current owner, alas, it has deteriorated into a tangle wild and bramble filled mess, all but impenetrable to even the hardiest explorer.

Anonymous said...

Any local gossip or news on whether Martin Carey has settled the insurance claim from the fire and if it provides enough money to do repairs? I would think the town would be quite concerned leaving the building uninhabitable although they don't seem to care a bit about the garbage dump that exists at Bogheid.

The Down East Dilettante said...

It is a wonderful photo. One realizes looking at this, how much the design of Winfield might have benefited had Woolworth not insisted on following the general plan of this much more interesting design and started from scratch