Tuesday, May 5, 2015

'Martin Hall'

'Martin Hall', the James E. Martin estate designed by Little & O'Connor c. 1900 in Great Neck.  Click HERE, HERE and HERE for more on 'Martin Hall'.


Doug Floor Plan said...

This is a great picture of 'Martin Hall.' You clearly see architectural detail not clearly seen before, like the urns & Greek pattern balustrade silhouetted against the sky. You also see domestic elements like the furniture on the patio (or whatever they called it), the handing lamp overhead ... & in the front (far right side) the American flag on a pole -- which I had not seen in other photographs. Where are the dogs running across the lawn?

Anonymous said...

This is another of my favorites, and I know I'm the minority, but I loved the original Victorian "show-boat" interiors.

Off topic, I was cruising Daniel Gale last night and saw what seemed to be quiet a few estates this site is familiar with up for sale.

Anonymous said...

Not alone in that minority. This place with the riverboat interior hall had chutzpah. I am sure they didn't build to please anyone but themselves. Critics be damned.