Monday, August 24, 2015


 'Falaise', the Harry F. Guggenheim estate designed by Frederick J. Sterner and Polhemus & Coffin c. 1923 in Sands Point as pictured c. 1973.  Click HERE and HERE for more on 'Falaise' and HERE to see the house on bing.

Photos courtesy of Old Grey Dog.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful structure with such aged, textural materials and old world details perched on the cliff edge giving much of the same affect that Beacon Towers must have had in its day.

Doug Floor Plan said...

Anon 10:21AM, I also made a mental comparison to 'Beacon Towers.' I think the main difference is that 'Beacon Towers' rose directly up from the beach, foreboding (like the Wicked Witche's castle), whereas 'Falaise' rises up over trees & shrubs, making a much softer look.

Which brings me to a question: Are there any photographs of 'Falaise' from the water?

And thank you, Grey Dog, for sharing your photos with us.

p.millen said...

There is something just wonderful with the authentic early 1970's photo color tint. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Falaise for the site is really a most inviting structure with so much rich textures, detail, and understated grandeur yet being a comfortable home. I cannot imagine the Guggenheim family when driving up to it not having a smile on their faces each time.

Polhemus & Coffin, AIA said...

Might be too late to answer your request but... I spent a day shooting exterior shots at Sands Point one Fall afternoon. Here are three, one specifically from the water side from the shore.

Good luck!

Tristram Coffin