Monday, December 21, 2015

The Charles H. Adams Residence

The Charles H. Adams residence designed by William B. Tuthill c. 1889 in East Hampton and pictured here under subsequent owner Dr. J.M. Hodson.  Click HERE to see the residence on bing.


The Ancient said...

Interior pics --

Doug Floor Plan said...

Two things:
1) Something's wrong with Bing -- once again the pin is slightly away from where it should be. In this case the pin is at the intersection of Lee Ave. & Cottage Ave.; the house Zach posted is two houses to the east on Lee.
2) Thanks for the link, Ancient; very nice interiors. A lot of right things have been done here. But I'm puzzled by the Realtor's description "asymmetrical fa├žade, round tower, old world style front porch and patterned wood shingles" ... couldn't it have just said, "Queen Ann style"?