Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The John Hay Whitney Residence

The John Hay Whitney residence designed by Matthiessen, Johnson & Green c. 1949 on Fishers Island.  Click HERE for a 1950 article on the construction of the house.


The Ancient said...

Whitney obituary:


A 1965 article about Fishers:


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed I just found this blog now! Can't believe I had not found it earlier but just wanted to say amazing stuff. Thank you Zach and all others who contribute to this. I grew up in Huntington and I spent many middle school and high school summers exploring different places like Caumsett, Coindre Hall, Leftner's Mill, Eagles Nest and what was left of Burrwood (which kids in Huntington/Cold Spring Harbor call the Garden of Remembrance) without really knowing any History about them. My best friend moved to a creepy old house when I was in middle school that really sparked out interest. We found out his house was the gardeners cottage from the August Heckscher estate, Wincoma. Never really found anything too interesting about the place as there wasn't much left of it except some statues which we figured may have been from the estate. Sorry for the long comment but if anyone has any information of that it would be awesome. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Leffert's Mill**

Anonymous said...

Location: 41.2824, -71.9615