Saturday, December 24, 2016

Old Long Island Turns 9!

Today's the 9th anniversary of the creation of Old Long Island - and while the frequency of posts has been reduced we're still here - though my library of images has worn thin.  Have a very happy holidays and new year!  Above, the deteriorating garden wall at 'Spring Hill', the Henry Carnegie Phipps estate designed by John Russell Pope c. 1903 for William L. Stow in Old Westbury.  Click HERE for more on 'Spring Hill'.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Old Long Island - Treasure trove of information!

Cedar Swamp-Thing said...

Thank you for all of your efforts here Zach!

Anonymous said...


Amelia Island FL

Anonymous said...

The big question for the New Year: Were there any losses of great houses on Long Island in 2016. Were there any preservation victories? Inquiring minds want to know.

Titanic Bill

bern said...

Zach... From your trove of images on the North Shore to the Hamptons of my youth... again, Thanks and God Speed.. Bernie