Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Old Long Island - Now on Instagram!

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Philpots said...

"Harrow Hill" Muttontown, NY
This house is for sale and in the 60's when owned by Friends World College they were selling the estate and asking $275,00 in 1965. The house was given to the Quakers by Henry Ittleson.  The school ended up receiving the Livingston estate in Lloyd Harbor as a gift in the late 60's.  I learned when working at Harrow Hill in helping maintain the house and grounds and that it was built in the 1920's as a wedding gift to a Vanderbilt.

Sotheby's mentions that it was built for Cecil T.F.B. Lyon in 1926.

Just wondering if you have any knowledge about this estate?


Thank You,

Philip H Sheedy

I love your web site.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philip! You worked on the property? Would love to hear more about it! Caseyjdiego@gmail.com