Thursday, December 27, 2007

Frost Mill Lodge

The former Irving Brokaw estate in Mill Neck was built c. 1926 by Walker and Gillette. The property includes Lower Francis Pond, a protected nature preserve. Irving Brokaw was an artist and ice skater, and it's likely he built his house here to employ the frozen pond in the winter. The house is very large, 3 floors and full servants quarters. The estate had been for sale and the house, stables and cottage still are. Nassau County purchased the two waterfront lots to preserve the open space. Click HERE to see where Frost Mill Lodge is on google earth.

The entryway. Notice the wrought iron bows and arrows above the double doors.

The formal living room. This room is very large, and there is an attached brick porch beyond the two sets of double doors.

The landscaping has not been maintained in roughly 50 years here, so there is a lot of overgrowth. To the right of the fountain is a trail that leads down to the pond. There are also horse trails throughout the woods at the far end of the property.

The stables. Looks like there hasn't been a horse here in a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Irving Brokaw was a great champion ice-skater, and competed in the Winter Olympics in 1908, the first American ever to compete in any Winter Olympics.
His brother George first married and was divorce by Clare Boothe, who then married Henry Luce of Time-Life. George then married Frances Seymour. After George died Frances married Henry Fonda and became the mother of Jane and Peter Fonda. Franics first cousin was Mary Huddleston Rogers, who was the mother of socialite and very chic collector Millicent Rogers. The guests this house must have seen!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pictures! This is where my family is from, and I can trace my family to here! -Melissa

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these photos and telling the back story of Frost Mill Lodge! My great uncle Joseph Mordecai Hirschman was the architect working for Walker & Gillette in 1926 that designed this estate. I have some of the drawings he made of the mansion. Thanks again!

David Brussat said...

Those interested in this blog might find Robert Caro's description of how Robert Moses rammed through the parkways, parks and beaches of Long Island. One can detest the man and his methods without detesting the beauty he brought about. Either way, the portions of Caro's book (which over a thousand pages) that deal with Long Island contain a wealth of information and insight about its inhabitants and its social life in addition to Moses's machinations. The book is called "The Power Broker," published in 1970 or thereabouts.

Anonymous said...

Frost Mill Lodge was a Decorator Showhouse twice that I know of.

Video of when it was for sale after the Showhouse.