Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Crossroads

The entrance to "The Crossroads", the W.R. Grace Jr. estate, as seen from the westbound service road to the L.I.E in Old Westbury. Click HERE to see Crossroads on google earth.

The house, a neo-federal, was designed by James O'Connor in 1919. W.R. Jr. was the son of the former mayor of New York City by the same name. He was a polo player who also bred polo ponies and his estate had numerous stables, polo fields and riding trails.

The house sits on 8 acres today, down from over 50 in its time. There is a walled garden, a refelcting pool, two swimming pools and some very large lawn spaces.

These stables used to sit elsewhere on the property, but were moved later on to their current spot in the southwest corner.

The Grace's had a massive sunken indoor tennis court behind their house. Still entirely entact today, minus the ivy that used to be all over its walls.

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