Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Built in the early 1920's for Michael Gavin, a lawyer, the John Russell Pope designed main house burned down in the late 1960's. These 'ruins' are still buried in the woods in Brookville, accessed by a quarter mile driveway. It is assumed that what is left at the site were the estate's outbuildings. Above is a guesthouse or servants quarters. Click HERE to see Graenan on google earth.

These were the stables. The back part seen here had access to a driveway and a set of garages across the driveway.

Here is the front of the stables, with the guest house in the distance.

I am not sure what this building would have been. Another guest house perhaps. It had 3 garages attached to it as well.

The guest house seen from the driveway entrance. Olmsted did the landscaping here as well, and when I was there over the summer the place was incredibly dense with plant life. In the woods we found a wall, and there are remnants of a garden beneath it. We tried to get to it but it was simply too dense and covered to get through. This place is very creepy, it has the feeling that people just got up and left one day and never came back. Someone clearly comes to mow part of the lawn but everything else is essentially frozen in time.

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