Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pratt Family Homes

"Manor House"

The home of John Teele Pratt Sr., built between 1909 and 1915 by Charles Platt.  He was another son of Charles Pratt of Standard Oil, who lived around the corner from his other brothers and family.  The house served as the summer White House for Herbert Hoover.  Today the house is operated as a conference center and hotel. 


The home of John Teele Pratt Jr., built in 1934 by William Platt

"Killenworth [II]"

The front gate of Killenworth, the home of George DuPont Pratt Sr.  Built in 1913 by Towbridge and Ackerman, with Olmsted landscaping.  The original Killenworth, built in 1897, was demolished in 1912 with the second Killenworth being built on the same spot as the first.  Today the estate is owned by the Russian delegation to the United Nations.  Below is an old picture of the house.

"Pratt Oval Clocktower"

In the center of all the Pratt estates was the Pratt Oval, an administration complex designed to operate and administrate all the estates.  In the center was the casino/sports complex, in which the clock tower formed the center.  Today the entire complex is gone, save the clock tower that is in use as a pool house for the home whos property it sits on. 

"Pratt Family Mausoleum"

There were so many Pratts in Glen Cove, they designed a cemetery for themselves in one corner of their property.  Also known as Pratt Cemetery, behind these gates and up a winding driveway stands a pink granite romanesque mausoleum designed by William Tubby.  There is a crypt and a tower connected by a "bridge of sighs".  The family patriarch, Charles Pratt, is interred in a sarcophagus here, along with 7 of his 8 children, and many of his grandchildren.


Beth said...

I just biked by that old clock tower and was amazed at such a structure in someone's backyard! So glad I found a picture (and explanation) on your site!

John N said...

The Pratt Estate located on Crescent Beach Road is now a Holocaust Museum. The Estate was once called, "Welwyn Manor". You can enter the grounds at no charge and walk around the grounds and museum. The beautiful tennis courts,gardens,and greenhouses have for the most part been reclaimed by nature.You can hike around the property and still locate these spots, they are just becoming harder to find. When you do find them you can imagine the work it took to create them and also go back in time and imagine what they were like new! You can definitely spend a day just exploring the grounds. Another Pratt Estate is on the same road and was featured in the Batman Forever Movie. The Estate once called, "The Braes" is now the Webb Institute for Navel architecture.

Anonymous said...

The Webb Institute for Naval Architecture is constructing new space under the front lawn.

Unknown said...

I had the distinct pleasure of walking the grounds of the Pratt Cemetary and the Pratt Mausoleum. Having known Artie and Bobby Pratt in New York City and Naples Florida, I found Desoris Lane and the other Pratt Estates simply lovely and so taken with the architecture and the quality of all the buildings and the beautiful grounds.Mystical and daunting.
Thank you so much for this most interesting History.
I would love more if you find more to share.

Jane Cottingham
Seabrook Island SC

Jackie F said...

Grew up in Lattingtown. Next to "Pratt's Woods" Sheep Lane. Was 300 hundred acres going down to the water. One of the mansions is still there (belonged to one of the Pratt daughters) near the water, though much of the land has been sold off and built on 4 acre lots.The library in Locust Valley has/had land maps of the area going back to the 1600's and the Pratts owned most of the area going all the way back.