Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The original front gate to 'Caumsett', the Marshall Field III estate in Lloyd Harbor.  Marshall Field III was the grandson of Marshall Field who created the Chicago department stores, and inherited much of his fortune.  He purchased over 1,700 acres around 1920 and built a massive estate that is today owned by the State of New York and run as a park.  In Field's time, the Henry Lloyd Manor (seen off to the right) was used as the gatehouse.  Click HERE to see 'Caumsett' on google earth.

This is part of the very large farm group designed by Alfred Hopkins.  Above is a barn and the dairy, just out of the picture is the bottling room.  Hopkins also designed bull and calf barns and garages for the farm complex.

The view from inside the walled garden.

The stables.

The winter cottage, designed by John Russell Pope, who also designed the main house and stables.

The polo fields.

The main house's garage.

The manor house, designed by John Russell Pope between 1921 and 1925.  The house was much larger in its day but Field had part of it removed, some of it in the 1950's when Bradley Delahanty designed alterations for the removal.  Olmsted Brothers did the landscaping for the estate, with trees and plants supplied by Hicks Nurseries

The rear, which has a commanding view of the Long Island Sound.

The western side of the house where the wing was removed. 

Off of the western side of the house and through a garden are these gates, which would have led the visitor to a series of terraced gardens, however they were never completed and the area is currently closed.

The view from the rear, with a freshwater pond sitting in between the main house and the Long Island Sound.

Click below to see 'Caumsett' in a 1953 aerial shot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach! Congrats on the Newsday post, again! Joey and I came across this website ad thought you may enjoy it.



<3 Jo and Joey

prentz said...

In 1967 I was attending college in Nyack, NY. My home was the Detroit area- too far to travel for Thanksgiving so my friend, Larry, invited me to his place for Thanksgiving- on Long Island. A friend of his from church was a state trooper and his job was to patrol (and live on the estate). We went there during the progessive Italian Thanksgiving dinner. He lived in the left side of the stable- in the stable jockey's home. It was amazing to tour the place then. All the statues on the estate were stored in the stable at the time. When we arrived it looked like a crowd of people in the stable- it was dusk at the time.
Paul Rentz

Anonymous said...

I lived at Caumsett from 1924 to 1933 so knew it in all its former glory --- magical place.

Anonymous said...

Were you a very young child?

Anonymous said...

Yes,I was at Caumsett from the age of 1 to nearly 10 years old. My father were in charge of the polo stables. Wonderful life.

Anonymous said...

do you have any photographs from that time anonymous? I'm writing a book that includes a little section on Caumsett. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I once lived in Caumsett, too, in the Marshall Field's Mansion! It was around the late 1990's and I grew up there when it was being used by Queen's College. My parents worked there, it was where they met, and we just visited it yesterday! I wish we could have stayed longer, been able to have looked around inside and simply revel in the beauty and nostalgia of the place. Unfortunately, we got rained out! Luckily enough, however, one of the old caretakers my parents knew drove by on his was out of the vicinity and dropped us off at the parking lot! But I really loved it there, too.

Roxy said...

Had the pleasure of staying a few days in the Marshall fields mansion in the 80s on a school trip,it was one of the most memorable experience I've ever had. Such a beautiful place. Soooo greatful for having that opportunity.

Unknown said...

Stayed there in a class trip in the late 80's, it's such a beautiful and wonderful place...wish I could visit it