Saturday, August 9, 2008

Captain Marion Eppley House

Captain Marion Eppley founded the Eppley Foundation for Research as well as the Eppley Laboratory in Newport R.I.  He had William Lawrence Bottomely renovate a c. 1790 house in Oyster Bay he purchased that was previously owned by the McCoun family.  Bottomely moved the house back from the water and connected a few outbuildings into what we see today.  Click HERE to see the Eppley house on google earth.

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Historically Vintage said...

I absolutely adore your blog! I am an architecture and mansion enthusiast. I am always thrilled to see people who value and restore these fabulous buildings. I found your blog to be fascinating. I am particularly intrigued by Gaenan because, as you say, it looks as if it is frozen in time. I located your blog through the LI Gold Coast message board. You are doing a wonderful job and I look forward to future updates. Thanks!