Friday, August 8, 2008

Jericho Friends Meeting House

The Jericho Friends Meeting House was erected in 1788, and stands off of old Jericho Turnpike.  The notable Quaker Elias Hicks lived nearby and is buried in the cemetery here along with many other notable Quaker names, like Underhill, Willis, Willets, Seaman and of course, Hicks.  Click HERE to see the Jericho Friends Meeting House on google earth.

John J. Hicks (1834-1928).

Elias H. Seaman (1826-1904).


appreciable said...

These are neat pictures. Thank you for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful. I was just there yesterday while visiting my parents in Syosset, (I live in Binghamton). Now that I'm home, I discovered that the Elias Hicks House is also still standing and just down the street from the Jericho Friends Meeting House and Maine Maid Inn. Today it is the office of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers. Do you have any photos or information on this historic house? Thank you for this wonderful site. DMeyn