Monday, January 5, 2009

'Westbrook Farm' / 'Knollwood' Ruins

'Knollwood' was built for Charles Hudson by the firm of Hiss & Weekes between 1906 and 1920 in what is now Muttontown. Besides the palatial house, the estate had a working farm with over a hundred Jersey cattle. The house sat deep in the property and had quite extensive landscaping by Ferrucio Vitale. After the Hudsons sold the house, it passed through a handful of owners before Lansdell Christie purchased the estate. It had been so badly vandalized by the time he acquired it that he razed the house, however there are still many remnants buried in the woods in what is today the Muttontown Preserve. Above is the large terrace wall and double staircase that led one down to the formal gardens. Click HERE to see 'Knollwood' on google earth.

The statue that sits between the two staircases has surely seen better days.

It was here that a large marble planter sat in the rear of the house, and today it sits next door at 'Muttontown Meadows / Nassau Hall', Lansdell Christie's house at the time he purchased 'Knollwood'. Click HERE to see a Then & Now of the rear of the house with the planter in place.

There are three levels of what were gardens, above being the second. At the end of the first level are two columned structures, seen above in the corners and below.

Looking out towards the second terrace level.

The third level has a strange bunker looking structure that looked like it perhaps had a gazebo or something similar on top.

Further away from the house is the large walled vegetable garden.

Click below to see 'Knollwood' intact and still standing in a 1966 aerial shot.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Those open sections (porches doesn't seem the right word) are wonderful. And just reading the words "walled kitchen garden" makes me swoon.

Zach L. said...

For you...I'll change it. : )

Anonymous said...

This estate was purchased by King Zog I in 1952

Unknown said...

I took a tour of this property today. Your photos, research and commentary are fascinating. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I took a hiking tour of this property today. your research, photos and comments are fascinating. Thanks.