Thursday, February 5, 2009


The garden wall and steps that lead to the reflecting pool at George Dupont Pratt's 'Killenworth' estate in Glen Cove. Click HERE for more on 'Killenworth'.

The front entrance and foyer.

This is as close as the average person can get to 'Killenworth', which I believe is still owned and operated by the Russian delegation to the United Nations.


Anonymous said...

In your original photograph I love the way the massive strength of the architecture and all the stone work was purposefully soften and tamed by what must have been Climbing Roses (?), Clematis and Ivy. It is absolutely everywhere - it’s beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I grew up near Killenworth and as children our group used to sneak over the wall to play in the woods and hillsides In winter we would sleigh ride on the hill behind the main house. We named the place The Scenery, as it was so beautiful. On occasion, we would be chased by the guards and would laugh about being sent to Siberia if caught. Great memories and my brother and his family live just down the road from the estate now. Another memory, was of Glen Cove motorcycle policeman Timmy O'Neil, who would regularly bang on the main entry gates demanding to be admitted to issue traffic tickets to members of the Russian delegation. Of course, they had diplomatic immunity but that never stopped Timmy. He also said he was 'studying' Russian to be able to argue with the residents there.