Friday, February 6, 2009

Laurelton Hall Interiors

The fountain in the central court at Louis Comfort Tiffany's 'Laurelton Hall' in Laurel Hollow.

A portrait of Tiffany hangs on the wall at one end of the court.

Above and below are views of the central court from the second floor.

The living room. The large stained glass window on the wall can be seen in greater detail below.

The other side of the living room.

The chapel.

Photos from the Library of Congress.

For anyone interested in more on Louis C. Tiffany or Laurelton Hall, check out this book: Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate


Mar gar et said...

Ironic, the last photo is of a chapel. Sinful, that this peaceful haven was destroyed by (hell)fire. Thank God for the preservation of the artifacts that were not vandalized. If it's true that the firetrucks could not reach the house because of the fountain, that's even sadder. My time machine would take me here, for sure.

Mar gar et said...

Still heartbroken, I was at least somewhat lifted when I saw that this incredible lamp was moved to the museum. How was it not destroyed, or stolen, all of those years?? Goosebumps, because it speaks volumes of Tiffany, and his heart for the beauty of nature.

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