Thursday, March 26, 2009


Built for Winthrop Williams Aldrich c. 1926, possibly by William Truman Aldrich, in Brookville.  Aldrich was president and chairman of the board of Chase National Bank and U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain for 5 years in the 1950's.  The estate sat on over 100 acres and was eventually sold to Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt II who owned the house for half a decade.  The property has since been subdivided.  Click HERE to see 'Broadhollow' on google earth.

Click below to see 'Broadhollow' intact in a 1966 aerial shot.

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Anonymous said...

was that enormous rectangular pool to the right of broadhollow on google part of it originally as i'm assuming the wall at the back of the house next door must have been? that thing is bigger than the house in front of it.