Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The entrance drive and main residence at Joseph R. DeLamar's 'Pembroke' in Glen Cove, designed by C.P.H. Gilbert c. 1916.  Click HERE for more on 'Pembroke' (my personal favorite).


Anonymous said...

Alice de Lamar, the daughter, went on it seems to have an interesting social life among the gay elite of europe, and seems to have been gay herself. Their townhouse still stands in Manhattan as the Polish Consulate at 37th & Madison, and I believe can be toured now and then. It has been restored or is in the process. - Robert

Zach L. said...

She also helped produce a book on the architecture of Addison Mizner, something I myself am thankful was actually published.

An Aesthete's Lament said...

She was big in boutique publishing circles and underwrote numerous publications, poems, et cetera, as well as a book about artist Paul Thevenaz, who executed murals, et cetera, for many grand folks.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite too!

Anonymous said...

And mine!

Anonymous said...

I had the honor to work for her,in the final
years of her life. She also was a great orchid
enthuse. That is how i learn to love them also.
She kept beautiful orchids all thru the estate
in Palm Beach.So many beautiful memories that i
will never forget.

kfd said...

Would love to talk to person who worked for Alice in those later years. She was "famous" in my household & is someone I continue to find fascinating. She went to school with my grandmother.

Sandy Leith said...

Alice De Lamar reportedly also owned a 1923 Bugatti T23, chassis no. 1646. It was a roadster and she kept it in Palm Beach. I have never seen an image of the car, but if any exist, please consider posting them here.
Thank you,
Sandy Leith
Registrar, American Bugatti Club