Friday, May 8, 2009

Picture of the Day

The allee at Henry Carnegie Phipps' 'Spring Hill', in Old Westbury pictured in Spring.  This completes the four seasonal pictures of the allee, click here to see Summer, Fall and Winter.


Zach L. said...

Lloyd, 'Bonnie Blink' was the residence of Henry Phipps the patriarch of the Phipps family. Henry Carnegie Phipps was Henry Phipps' middle son. William L. Stow did indeed have J.R. Pope build him this house however he went bankrupt around 1908 and sold it to Henry Carnegie Phipps (whose family would go on to own the property for close to a century). Ogden M. Phipps is the son of Henry Carnegie Phipps. His residence was next door, carved out of a piece of 'Spring Hill'. The residence did not burn down but was pulled down by Ogden after his mother's death in 1972. This is all very well documented and much of this information is on this very site, you just need to do a little digging, start by clicking the Spring Hill tab in the list of places.

ES said...

I'm wondering what has happened to Spring Hill. I see that there is construction going on near Hastings/Stone Arch Rd. Can you fill me in?