Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Stonehouse / Wenlo-on-the-Bay

Originally built for Thomas Clapham in 1868 by Jacob Wrey Mould in Roslyn Harbor. The original house was in the High Victorian Gothic style and Mould was a founding member of the AIA. In 1905 the house was purchased by Benjamin Stern who refitted the house into a French chateau. The current incarnation of the house was the result of a rebuilding due to an extensive fire in the 1960's which damaged much of the structure. Click HERE to see 'The Stonehouse / Wenlo-on-the-Bay' on google earth. Photo by James Hogarty.

Click below to see 'Wenlo-on-the-Bay' in a 1966 aerial shot.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Mould was wonderful. Didn't he do some follies in Central Park?

Zach L. said...

Yes, he was a one time assistant to Calvert Vaux and from 1870-71 was architect-in-chief to the Department of Public Parks (which he took hiatus from but then later resumed).

Anonymous said...

My grandparents owned this home from the 40's=70's and I have some wonderful stories and photos to share if the current owners would be interested. Pre-fire info as well....The house was incredible...and as a child, like a castle to me!

Zach L. said...

I'm not the current owner but I would most definitely be interested in seeing some old photos.

ike said...

we bought the wenlo/stonehouse/claraben house in 2000 and restored/repaired it.
would love to exchange docs and photos with you.
i gather that you must be a decendant of dr. hughes.

Olga said...

I lived there briefly as an immigrant April 1950 to about November. I left a few photos in the Gold Coast library. One with Peggy Hughes with our family

Diana Anderson said...

Is this the same home the Freeze family lived in in 1970-75-ish? With the entry gates in Motts Cove?