Thursday, May 7, 2009

Winfield Hall on Video

'Winfield Hall: The Woolworth Estate' uploaded to YouTube courtesy of '12pud12sce' who writes, "I was given permission to download WINFIELD HALL THE WOOLWORTH ESTATE by Bob Ghent to youtube courtesy of The Glen Cove Public Library. Because of the 10 minute max On each download I had to break the video into 2 parts. Search 'winfield hall' at On top of that I compiled a companion video using readily available photos pairing it with a 1925 auction brochure when Winfied Hall was put on the market".


Anonymous said...

Pretty Cool!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your work very much. You certainly know your subjects. I am a retired Woolworth store manager and I found this and your NYC blog fascinating. Thank you for preserving the past for all to enjoy.
Charlie Downes

Meg Brookman, Philip Jenck said...

You've probably seen this article on Ernest Hunter. I was fascinated by Dr. Hunter after seeing the interview in your video (Winfield Hall, Woolworth Estate, Part I, above). If anyone knows where more information on Ernest Hunter can be found, I'd be happy to hear about it.

I'm delighted to see the Harrie Lindeberg houses on your site, as well. My grandfather, architect Herman Brookman, was a young apprentice in the Harrie Lindeberg firm at the time of the design and building of Amelita Galli-Curci's home. I'd love to know more about that home and "Galli-Curci Road," too, if you have anything on them.

Thanks for a brilliant and important blog.

Meg Brookman