Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When 'Oheka' Was For Sale

A brochure advertising 'Oheka', the Otto Hermann Kahn estate designed by Delano & Aldrich in Cold Spring Harbor c. 1915-17. I believe this brochure is from when the house was for sale after Kahn's death before it was purchased by the NYC Sanitation Department. Click HERE for more on 'Oheka'.

Brochure courtesy of SPLIA.


Anonymous said...

Zach, I don't see a lot of postings related to these astonishing photographs, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who is deeply grateful to you for finding and posting these. Many thanks for creating this treasure.

Is it me, or is there something about these old b&w real estate photographs that goes beyond merely presenting properties for sale? They not only show us how these great places looked, often at their peak, but also have a kind of quiet elegance to them...as if taken in late fall when shadows fall a certain way on a wall or a lawn. They have the power to transport the viewer back to that time.

Finally, may God bless the people who rescued Oheka and are returning it to its former magnificence. The photos you just posted show how really beautiful this place was and why preservation is so crucial.

Anonymous said...

why was the house only $75,000? houses one tenth of the size were selling for much higher prices around the same time.