Thursday, April 1, 2010


'Wrexleigh', the John Anson Garver estate designed by Stephenson & Wheeler c. 1913 in Oyster Bay Cove with landscaping by the Olmsted Brothers. Garver was the senior partner in the law firm of Shearman & Sterling and had acted as general counsel for the Consolidated Gas Company. He was also a trustee and director of numerous other companies including the National City Bank of New York and the New York Trust Company. Today the home is the Harmony Heights School for Girls. Click HERE to see what 'Wrexleigh' looks like today and HERE to see 'Wrexleigh' on google earth.

Pictures from American Country Homes of To-Day, 1915.


Turner Pack Rats said...

these guys must have pulled every architecture book they had off the shelves when they designed this place. its almost overpowering. every face of this place has about a hundred different design quirks. the loggia and that really quirky porte cochere. the combo bow and tower windows. that long face of glass on the second floor and whats that post like thing beside the entrance. oh, and my absolute fave is those three story bungalow rooflines. they look great on a bungalow but they are stunning on a 3 story house. the hip roof ends and the swing out windows. this place has it all and diamond paned leaded windows too. a masterful respite from an overabundance of dinky little neocols. i feel faint. i hope interiors are on the way.

Turner Pack Rats said...

ps - half-timbers - i forgot half timbers. i don't envy the roofers.