Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Muttontown Corners'

'Muttontown Corners', the William Adams Delano estate designed by himself c. 1911 in Muttontown. Beatrix Jones Farrand designed garden flower boarders in 1921 and Delano himself designed the rose garden, cutting garden and tennis court. Billy Delano built this house amid a number of commissions that Delano & Aldrich were working on in the area. Click HERE to see 'Muttontown Corners' on google earth.

Picrtures from American Country Homes of To-Day, 1915.


Patty said...

I love the architecture style of this house, do you know what it's called?

Anonymous said...

SPLIA classifies it as Neo French Manorial.

Turner Pack Rats said...

as good as call it OMG. this house is not huge but combines a lot of neat little design quirks put together well. those odd conves roofs and the way he put windows and that strange dormer on the back - pretty cool plus the setting with the gardens is very nice. and i love floor length windows. also, the way the porch blends into the loggia is pretty neat too. its simple but not boring.

.Sonny S said...

My uncle, Frank(Barney)Somelofski was the caretaker on this estate. My other uncle Al Somelofski was caretaker/chauffeur for the Harris estate just down the road.

Anonymous said...

I think the style of the house should properly be called English Arts & Craft. I think a look a Voysey or Luytens will convince you.

During, my research on my own home, I discovered that Mutontown Corners while designed by Delano, was built and owned by Bronson Winthrop. I have copies of correspondence between Delano and Winthrop negotiating the rent in the mid 1940's.

It is a very handsome home, spare but not bare, all elements in proportion. It appears still be as built but fot the garages added on.