Thursday, May 13, 2010

'Valleybrook Farm'

'Valleybrook Farm', the estate of J. Henry Alexandre enlarged by Warren & Clark c. 1918 in Glen Head (now Old Brookville) with landscaping by Marian Coffin. Alexandre was a partner in the stock brokerage firm of W.E. Burnet & Co. In 1924 Mr. & Mrs. Alexandre hosted a luncheon at the house for the Prince of Wales. The following year the house suffered a fire that cost an estimated $100,000. Click HERE to see 'Valleybrook Farm' on google earth and HERE on bing.

Pictures from American Architect & Architecture, 1919.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Very charming house and garden!

donna baker said...

I have a large original oil painting of a farm long ago in Mattituck. Have you ever heard of a large farm there?

Turner Pack Rats said...

as rambling as it is, i think i like the before version but it seems they have kept the gardens up to some extent unlike many of the big houses.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zach,
I am wondering if you have any more on the provenance of this home ? Its so true to it's landscape. When you shared about the lost Wheatly , I started to look at the maps and get more interested in the time before the Gold Coast. That area of the Brookville's appears to have been really old and had a lot of Indian activity. This house reminds me of quintessential "old Brookville".

Andrea N. Dodge said...

Re provenance: This estate was once in my family. JH and Anne Loomis Alexandre were my grand-aunt&uncle, her sister being my grandmother Eliz.[Beth] Loomis. Beth and Percival Dodge were married in the gardens in a quiet ceremony 31 May 1919. Thank you for your interest in the history.