Thursday, July 29, 2010

'The Cedars'

'The Cedars', the Harry Bellas Hess estate designed by Howells & Stokes c. 1914 in Huntington. Click HERE for more on 'The Cedars'.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1919.


magnus said...

Why, do you suppose, Mediterrean style architecture looks so appropriate in California and Florida and so out of place in colder climes like the North Shore of Long Island. Perhaps it's just a personal observation. In any event, this seems a rather odd house, especially the interior and the finishes shown in the previous post- hints of the Spanish Colonial, hints of the Georgian, neither here nor there and rather parched and pinched. Notice too the main stair railing and the garden stair railing: Clearly, Samuel Yellin was not called in for the ironwork.

magnus said...

By the way, I love the name of the guy's company- The National Bellas Hess Corporation. A quick Google search reveals that it was one of the original, and in its hayday one of the largest mail order firms in world, on a par with Sears Roebuck. Although it ceased operation in the early 1970's, it lives on in a Supreme Court ruling that confirmed that mail order firms are not obliged to collect sales tax in States outside of where they physically conduct business.

ChipSF said...

magnus -
You are right about Mediterranean not looking quite right in colder climes. It has to do with the trees and the vegetation. But I'm not sure if it's because the indigenous buildings grew naturally and look so right in their landscapes or we have become used to seeing them in a certain landscape. Probably little of both