Friday, August 20, 2010

'Goodwin Place' Advertisement

An advertisement for Kelsey Health Heat using 'Goodwin Place', the Philip L. Goodwin estate designed by himself c. 1917 in Woodbury as an example. Click HERE for more on 'Goodwin Place'.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Marvelous place. Just amazing what doesn't survive

lil' gay boy said...

A tragically lost gem, with nothing of note replacing it.

The steeply pitched mansard roof strikes me as somewhat reminiscent of that of Oheka.

Architects always seem to save the most interesting compositions for their own residences, despite the financial restrictions they sometimes face.

Although not monumental in size, nor possessing excessive grandeur, it nonetheless was an incredible architectural statement.

Security word - sessu: response to a dubious quote.

Turner Pack Rats said...

great def, LGB.
OMG- to make it to 75 and then be replace by a mini-whitemarsh and some trailer trash. what an insult.
one of my favorite houses for all its quirky details like the outside wall fountain, the slate shingles, those useless but fantastic steep roofs and that tower dividing the house. i wish i knew voodoo as i'd put a hex on that developer

security word def - "swelite" - a scandinavian beauty with not too many calories.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

What a shame. I grew up in Nassau county near the crossroads of Glen Cove Rd. & 25A. Everything was distroyed in the 1970's! Do you have any old pictures of Wheatley Gardens nursery? I just did a small article for Long Island Garden News, a free paper, and I mentioned that I grew up just behind the greenhouses. I couldn't find any photos. ' Would love to h ave some. thanks Lori at the Jarvis House.

Anonymous said...

Wheatley Gardens was the bomb..Remember Rudy? His Parrots and the Koi pool? He had quite an entourage.He had my Mom wanting to be his best customer.

YoungEd said...

Good luck finding pictures of those parrots! Speak memory~