Monday, September 13, 2010

St. John's Church Cold Spring Harbor

St. John's Church of Cold Spring Harbor, designed by Smith Sammis in 1835. The Jones family donated much of the money and property for the church as well as having had relations to Trinity Church in New York City. The church opened its doors on April 5th, 1837. Click HERE to see St. John's Church on google earth and HERE on bing. Click HERE for more history on St. John's Church. Click HERE to see St. John's Memorial Cemetery located just up the road from the church in Laurel Hollow.


The Ancient said...

With beautiful Tiffany windows to boot.

Karena said...

Wonderful and The history is so interesting!

Art by Karena

magnus said...

Its a wonderful church that has always been run in a conservative fashion, far more in keeping with the outlook of the majority of its congergants than the oftentimes cockeyed, "in your face" liberalism of the Episcopal Church at large today. I am a member of an Episcopal church nearby, and we lost a slew of members to Cold Spring Harbor in the late 1970's when we adopted the 1978 Prayer book (Cold Spring Harbor retained- and may still retain the 1928 version), and another slew in the last few years due to an internal skirmish that doesn't bear repeating. It's a glorious church, with, as your previous post showed, a glorious cemetary. As we get older, we have to consider these things.

The Ancient said...

I'm afraid St John's has drifted away from the Prayer Book as well, though it remains deeply conservative church by Episcopalian standards. (So in practice, God is to be taken seriously, and Christ invoked, but not so seriously nor so often as to alarm the regular members. A previous rector left to become a bishop on this account.)

I have been to more marriages and latterly more funerals at that church than I care to remember.

North of 25A said...

I am delighted to have found your wonderful blog! Funny, I came across your work as I was trying researching a post about St. John's of Lattingtown today.