Sunday, December 19, 2010

Putting a Face to an Estate 2

Otto Kahn. Below, his estate 'Oheka' designed by Delano & Aldrich c. 1915 in Cold Spring Harbor.

Clarence Mackay. Below, his estate 'Harbor Hill' designed by McKim, Mead & White c. 1899 in Roslyn.


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Don't forget the missus, née Adelaide (Addie) Wolff, the Kuhn, Loeb & Company heiress.

Anonymous said...

How tall was Mackay?

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

And don't forget the mistress -

Scroll down a bit at this link for a shot of Kahn, son and daughter -

Old Former Long Islander do you have insight into this location -

Here it is a Historic Aerials

Its just up from the Pipping Rock Club. To me it appears something was there before. You have some sort of garden feature, leftover hedges, a cleared area. Was there a house at this location?

Anonymous said...

Please keep these coming.

Old Former Long Islander said...


It was Piping's old Skeet and Trap range. The 1966 photo shows the "stations" pretty clearly if you know what you're looking at. At one time (late 1950s), Valley Road was still passable from Chicken Valley Road to Piping Rock Club.

We often walked by it as kids. We had many great adventures in those woods.


Allure said...

wow amazing photos! really rare!