Monday, January 31, 2011

Garden City

A number of house examples in Garden City, the development founded by A.T. Stewart c. 1870. These houses were published in a 1912 issue of Architectural Record. Click HERE for more on Garden City.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the house in photo #4 is on the corner of Cathedral Ave. and 4th Street and still looks in top condition if it's the same. And I think the last photo is either on 3rd,or 5th Street.

Anonymous said...

#4 looks to me like what was the Webb's house in the 1960s. They had a lovely rose garden.

Ray Spinzia said...

In reference to pictures 5 and 6 -
Woodruff house -
The house was built in 1908. If memory serves me, it is on the north side of Stewart Avenue just east of Nassau Boulevard. Timothy Lester Woodruff (1858-1913) was New York State Lieutenant Governor (1897-1902), chairman of New York State Republican Party (1906-1910), and a founder and president of the Garden City Estates Corporation (real estate development firm). His sister Harriette married Rodney Allen Ward and resided in Hempstead and at Snug Harbor in Westhampton.

Adelphi's Woodruff Hall was named in Woodruff's honor.