Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Church of the Advent

The Episcopal Church of the Advent, designed by John Russell Pope c. 1910 on Jericho Turnpike in Westbury. The church was the site of dozens of weddings over the years for both estate owners found on OLI and their children. Click HERE to see the Church of the Advent on google earth.

Pictures from Architectural Record, 1922.


Charles said...

The readers of this blog might be interested in a website I came accross- The History Box. There are countless tidbits of info on society, architecture, and much much more. Check it out.

Turner Pack Rats said...

another interesting thing to look at for folks who like these houses. there is a new post on youtube of the three Stotesbury houses - a 3 parter on Whitemarsh and segments on Wingwood House and El Mirasol. Posters name is "Pearl Onward" - many many pix I have not seen before on these beautiful places. check it out.
as far as today's post - i'm an atheist but a church like this could almost make me believe there's a god.

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