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'Deanlea', the Herbert Hollingshead Dean estate in Lattingtown with alterations by Howard Major in the 1920s. Dean was a partner in the banking firm of Edward B. Smith and was a member of the NY Stock Exchange. Click HERE to see 'Deanlea' on google earth and HERE on bing.


Unknown said...

Former Vermont Governor and Presidential candidate, Howard Brush Dean III was related to Herbert Hollingshead Dean. Herbert Hollingshead Dean was his great-grandfather who married Marion Atwater Brush; in 1930 the Deans were living at Oyster Bay. Their son was Howard Brush Dean, aged 13 in 1910 when the family was enumerated on the population schedule as living in Manhattan. This Howard was the father of Howard Brush Dean, Jr., (1921-2000), who was, in turn, the father of former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (III), the Democratic Presidential contender.

Ray Spinzia said...

. . . and

Herbert Hollingshead and Marion Atwater Brush Dean's son Howard Brush Dean Sr. married Maria Fahys Cook, the daughter of Henry Francis and Lena Marianna Fahys Cook of Clench-Warton in North Haven, and resided at 119 Fifth Street in Garden City (non-extant).

Dean Jr.'s wife Andree was the daughter of James William and Sylvia Wigglesworth Maitland who lived on Meadow View in Hewlett Bay Park. Dean Jr. also had a country home in East Hampton.

Sylvia's parents Henry and Olive Gertrude Belden Wigglesworth resided at 24 Rockaway Avenue, Garden City (extant).

Dr. Howard Brush Dean III, aka Howard Dean, married Dr. Judith Ellen Steinberg, the daughter of Drs. Herman and Ethel Bookhalter Steinberg of Roslyn.

Anonymous said...

Could that be it at the bend of Lattingtown Road just past Winding Way?

Old (former) Long Islander said...

Could the address be wrong? It looks very much like the Overlook Road house once owned by the Brisbanes and later by Dr. Samuels.

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Old (former) Long Islander -

Before -

After -

MapWorks shows the Pratt name throughout the decades - any idea - what estate??? Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Overlook Road house looks very much like this.

Zach L. said...


Possibly 'Winthrop House', the Richardson Pratt Sr. estate, son of Charles M. Pratt of 'Seamoor'. Spinzia lists the house as having a Dosoris Lane address and the 1966 aerial makes it look as though the driveway may run behind the more recent housing development out to Dosoris.

Old (former) Long Islander said...

I know for a fact that it was a Pratt estate, but which one, I'm not sure. My dad would have known. A road, which I always assumed to be the main driveway, ran along the left side of the shopping center in the 1966 "historicaerials" photo.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

My interpretation - the drive came off Old Tappan Road. There's a "curved" entrance area opposite The Farm House -

- it winds up the hill to the{OMG is that a..} gravel Forecourt. Spinzia notes Olmsted did landscaping at Winthrop House. Looking at the overhead it fits. Long allee of trees slopping down the hill from that circular something. No matter, it was a SUBSTANTIAL esate!

OFLI - do you recall the farm/stable complex from Manor House? I would assume it matched the house in architecture. Perhaps similar to Caumsett.

Ray Spinzia said...

In reference to estate addresses -

The address given for Deanlea in volume I, p. 193, of our North Shore book is Lattingtown Road, Lattingtown. The map sources given are "not on 1927 map; no acreage given on 1932 map; not on 1946 map." Volume II, p. 1194, under Maps Consulted for Estate Locations lists the 1927 map as being E. Belcher-Hyde's "Real Estate Map of Nassau County, New York" and the 1932 and 1946 maps as "Hagstrom's Street, Road and Property Ownership Map of Nassau County, Long Island." The 1932 map shows the Dean property as being small (probably 5-10 acres) and rectangular on the south side of Lattingtown Road, east of Overlook Road, and between the properties of Henry Sturgis Morgan, Sr. and that of Harold W. Carhart, Sr. If you consult the maps sited for a particular entry, you shouldn't have a problem locating an estate.

It should be noted that street locations for all entries in all volumes of our Long Island Prominent Families series have been checked against historical property ownership maps of the era.

If I may, I would like to comment on current driveway locations. They can be irrelevant when it comes to the address of a house. Case in point, my parents driveway in Garden City exited to a side street but our address was Stewart Avenue. My neighbor's driveway exited to Stewart Avenue but his address was that of the side street.

The best sources for determining a street address in the various estate areas are the historical maps of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s not Bing or Google Earth.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

I would suspect that "Winthrop House" had a glassed-roofed indoor court. If you hit the right location at historicaerials{no logo} you can make out the structure to the right of the circular feature.

Old (Former) Long Islander said...


I don't recall a well defined centralized farm complex. I believe the dairy was located in part of the building at the Northern end of Pratt Oval. They may have also raised beef cattle in one of the many fields North of Forest Avenue and near Glen Cove High School. There were also many estate servant houses and buildings before reaching the South entrance to Pratt Oval (a few still standing). These operations were centralized and served all Pratt estates (by design). As far as the driveway, all the Pratt estates were interconnected by a series of private as well as public roads. The white two story wooden building with Cupola(visible in 1966) across from the service drive in front of the Manor House was multi purpose. The complex housed servants (including my great uncle's family) as well as animals and equipment. As for the glass roofed building, it's too small to be a tennis court. Possibly a squash court or greenhouse/conservatory.

The Driveway to the overlook Road house may well have originally come up from Lattingtown as the property from the Large house to its south was being subdivided.


HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Instead of "Winthrop House' I'm now thinking the Charles M. Pratt, Jr.{grandson of C. Pratt, Sr.} estate by Peabody Wilson & Brown c. 1926. SPLIA pages 340-341 - floor plans match the layout seen in the historicA link - flip the page to get the correct lineup. SPLIA notes the forecourt and the unusual off-center floor plan for a Georgian-style house. Photo shows the back of house{south} which lines up also with overhead aerial{gabled roofs, chimneys}. Possible to make out the circular garden structure also. Plus HistoricMapWorks names Frederick B. Pratt{son of C. P., Sr.} as owner then Charles Jr. Jr.'s sister Helen Pratt Emmet lived next door at "High Elms"{demolished} also by PW&B - also shown on MapWorks.

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

Never mind the photo statement - view is of the north-side{Sound-view} looking west.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any information on the carriage house on the adjoining property?