Friday, July 6, 2012

'Winfield Hall' Special Part 5

'Winfield Hall', the Frank Winfield Woolworth estate designed by C.P.H. Gilbert c. 1916 in Glen Cove.  Today's photos show the carriage house and later laboratory for Reynolds Wrap maker and subsequent 'Winfield' owner Richard Reynolds.  Click HERE for more on 'Winfield Hall'.  Photos courtesy of Eddie Crowley.

These photos were taken with expressed permission.  Winfield Hall is a private residence with no public access.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Looks like a boy's military academy

archibuff said...

In reference to a prior post, it still surprises me that the neighbors would frown upon a commercial enterprise on the property after the place has had a history as a lab, private school and a commercial headquarters for Pall Corporation. Very short-sighted. What is the alternative? Ownership by a stubborn fool who lets the place fall apart around him.

Love the clocktower

l'il gay boy said...

The alternative is some greedy hedge hog who "...would just as soon see his own mother burning at the stake..." (thank you, Clare Booth Luce) if it was the only way he had of lighting a cigarette -- in other words, just salivating waiting for Winfield Hall to be demolished so he/she can move in and plant some obnoxious McMansion on the rubble-strewn, barely cold site.

I'd rather see it return to a porn set -- much more dignified.

archibuff said...

You're right, I forgot it had some history in the movies long before the remake of Mildred Pierce.

Trying to ward off demolition by neglect, since Winfield's local landmark protection is ineffective at best. There is no sense not to make a zoning change if necessary to allow alternative uses for the property. The Pratt mansions have contributed heavily to Glen Cove's estate-like setting and have preserved countless acres of open land that would otherwise have been long plowed under for subdivisions. The residents of East Island also refused zoning changes and saw the Morgan home bulldozed for a handful of shingled split levels. Senseless

Kellsboro Jack said...

Ah the stag film claim with being shot there. I chalk that up to again to spicing up already tall tales - observer falling out of a tree - by an author.

Has there been attempt to list the property with the National Registry of Historic Places - even if the owner is perhaps a less than willing participant?

It's rare to see a carriage house to be such an example of a civil armory!

Am I mistaken in recalling that Winfield had been at one time listed on 'The Location Company's site of rentable mansion for photoshoots and filming?

Anonymous said...

"Am I mistaken in recalling that Winfield had been at one time listed on 'The Location Company's site of rentable mansion for photoshoots and filming?"

You are not mistaken.


ChipSF said...

Nice! Military Boy's School maybe, but it is a rare American example of Victorian era Italian Renaisance. Sort of Osborne House-ish or even more like Trentham Park. Another side of CPH Gilbert.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Victorian long after the fact.

Kellsboro---as you probably know, but it bears repeating always, the National Register of Historic Places has almost no teeth at all. We're not Europe, and even if the house were listed, about the only thing that the National Register listing can do is trigger a review if Federal funds are to be used in an adverse project---and even then it doesn't always work. Truly, and sadly, otherwise, the only thing the register does is be a list of buildings.

ChipSF said...

Yes long after the fact but that seems to be what he was copying.

Ancient - also after the fact but just read your priceless nugget -
"untainted by the slightest hint of ostentation" LOL

HalfPuddingHalfSauce said...

I think I like the original Humphrey's complex better.

Does anyone know if the current structure is also a water tower for irrigation?

Anonymous said...

The original complex was much more picturesque and well suited to the original home, but once you rebuild I presume you need to upgrade the carriage house, garage and any other outbuildings as well especially if they are within view of the front door.

Phillip+ said...

The original was on Oyster Bay ... Down the Bay from Rockefeller's estate.