Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Chapel at Green-Wood Cemetery

 The chapel at Green-Wood Cemetery designed by Warren & Wetmore c. 1911 in Brooklyn.  Click HERE for more on Green-Wood Cemetery.  Click HERE to see the chapel on google earth and HERE on bing.

Yes, it's intentionally dark.


Old Grey Dog said...

I never had the opportunity to view the interior of the Warren & Wetmore-designed chapel at Green-Wood. So . . . Thank You, Zach, for these dramatic photos !

The Down East Dilettante said...

Warren & Wetmore always amaze me---they break the rules, mix it up with a fine sense of proportion and detail, take it to the edge, and almost always get away with it. Those who haven't seen ArchitectDesign's posts about Asbury Park, two of which feature wild buildings by W&W, should check them out.

So are this building's roots? A soupcon of Burghley House miniaturized, a bit of country house folly, a pinch of Gothic Abbey, . Just amazing.

Also, at New York Social Diary, don't miss yesterday's Big Old Houses, about Clayton.
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Zach L. said...

OGD...I hadn't been inside on my previous visits either but I noticed a sign saying all were welcome and the door was ajar so I went on in. It's heavily air conditioned which is nice when you're there on a hot day.

archibuff said...

A design that managed to squeeze all the inspirational, exhilarating and monumental elements of a full sized cathedral into a small chapel. Makes quite the impact for its size. Beautiful

l'il gay boy said...

Dispatched dear old Nana from here; a lovely space, solemn but not at all grim.