Thursday, March 14, 2013

Italian Blue Pool Garden Then & Now

A mashup of the Italian Blue Pool Garden designed by Guy Lowell and Andrew Sargent between 1915-1918 at 'Planting Fields', the William R. Coe estate in Oyster Bay.  Click HERE for more on the garden and HERE for more on the estate.


magnus said...

Zach: An inspired post that indicates just how well the Italian Garden at Planting Fields has been restored. Landscape architecture is just about the most ephemeral of the arts, and its wonderful to see an instance of truly great design restored and preserved.

Anonymous said...

Very off subject, but I picked up a book today titled "The Last Resorts" by Cleveland Amory, and right away reminded me of the folks that visit Old Long Island. Here's an excerpt.

"In the year 1908, the late Frank Crowninshield -- who was called by his friend Clare Boothe Luce, "the last and probably the greatest of a species know as the gentleman" -- was persuaded to rate, for the express benefit of "millionaires from the West whose wives are bent upon breaking into Society," this country's great Eastern resorts. Crowninshield's ratings, which took the form of a tip sheet for a social steeplechase, adivesd that "the safest graded order of jumps" was as follows:

1) Palm Beach. Not exclusive, but merry, sumptuous,and expensive. Chance to meet many men in the gambling rooms.

2) Hot Springs, VA. Depressing, but many "classy" invalids.

3) Narragansett Pier. Geographically speaking, this is nearly Newport, but the social tone, though "nobby", can hardly be called A-1.

4) The Berkshires. Dull and dowdy, but full of genteel old famililes in reduced circumstances who are willing to unbend-- if properly propitiated.

5) Tuxedo. Excellent opportunities here, particularly in the Tuxedo jiggers (i.e.,cabs) and at the club on rainy days, when a fourth is needed at bridge.

6) Long Island. This is the Tattenham Corner of the social Derby --(many bad falls here - due to riding too hard)-- the last great turn before the finish. (Try Hempstead,Westbury, and Roslyn - in order.)

7) Newport. Having finally reached Newport, be very careful about the pace. Begin cautiously with Bellevue Avenue and the casino. Gradually,hoever, you may hit up the pace and try the golf club, Bailey's Beach, and, finally, you may dash past the judge's stand and weigh in at Ochre Point.