Thursday, March 7, 2013

'The Oaces' Farm Group

The farm group to 'The Oaces', the Oliver Allen Campbell estate designed by James O'Connor c. 1919 in East Norwich.  It is unknown if the residence is extant but click HERE to see the farm group on google earth and HERE on bing.

Photos from Architectural Review, 1920.


Kellsboro Jack said...

While no longer en vogue I must say that I love these clapboard stable buildings. Not terribly practical for actual use - the haymow is often too difficult to access - but visually so quaint.

Off topic and not generally a paper used for a good citation but did anyone see the Friday Mar 8th NY Post article with Tommy Hitchcock's son indicating his dad was The Great Gatsby's Tom Buchanan? Interesting.

An added interesting quip 'The book’s famous trophy-wife character, Daisy, was not modeled after is mother, Hitchcock said.' Good to know.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt be too proud to spread the word that the Tom Buchanan character was modeled after my own dad.

anyone on LI know what the sttus is of the attempt to turn one of the former Hitchcock estates into a vast cemetery? Seems to have dropped out of the news over the last few years? Still owned by the church?

Anonymous said...

Around the corner on South Hollows Court there is a stucco home of what looks like older vintage. Is this possibly the Oaces main house?

Barry said...

Frederick Law Olmsted did the site plan and landscape for the farm group and the estate house. It looks like the original plans are available but you have to get them at the Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline, MA.,SPECIFIC=201896,DATABASE=BIBLIO,

Josetta said...

As a child, from 10-14, in the late 1950's, Iuse to visit the estate.
I had permission to ride, Tom, the work horse and have photos of him, a mare and colt on the estate. I use to rendezvous with Bill Morando at the pictured barn. Bill lived on the other side of the estate in Syosset. We both recall jumping in the high piles of hay in this barn. Bill would shinny up the rope from the floor to the upper level.

One day, 3 of us children ventured deeper into the estate to the main house.The Campbell's were quite elderly and offered us lemonade. The entire experience was magical!

Unknown said...

Doing some family research and just came across this site. Oliver Campbell is my great grandfather and to answer the question posted about the stucco home (from '08) - yes that is it. It's the property in the southwest corner of the development (now estate).

Philpots said...

My cousin mentioned her grandfather as Squire Campbell, and he had an estate in East Norwich. I remember my parents visiting in the 50s, and my father said he could see the Empire State Building from the terrace.